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Rep. Tracey Mann's Statement on Earmarks in 117th Congress

March 22, 2021

Rep. Tracey Mann released the following statement regarding earmarks:

"Congress is currently discussing earmarks and my position is clear: I will not be participating in earmarks during the 117th Congress.

I am concerned that a return to earmarks in the House will once again spiral out of control and lead to more government spending. Washington, D.C. has a spending problem and earmarking money for special projects around the country is no way to fix it. I did not run for office so I could be the caretaker in the slow demise of our great nation. I ran to advocate for agriculture and our Kansas conservative values.

Government spending should be done transparently through regular order using the appropriations and legislative processes. Our Nation must do better and get our spending under control because we are mortgaging the future for political favors. It’s time to stop the politics, get back to regular order, and get back on track."